Thank you volunteers

We’re two weeks away from Election Day, locking in more and more votes, and peaking at just the right time. I’ve been talking to more residents than ever, many of whom are voting for the first time -- students, underserved communities in south Claremont, and those who’ve been turned off by politics for years. I’m hopeful that we can turn this energy into a victory for progress by November 3rd!

Our volunteers have done so much, and we need a few more to help us with two items:

  1. Hold our yard signs on November 3rd, Election Day on main streets in Claremont! Grab some friends, come out and hold signs up for an hour or so, at whatever time during the polling hours works for you. We’d like to have folks at Arrow Highway & Indian Hill, as well as College Avenue & 1st Street.

  2. Flyer houses with door hangers in District 5. We have volunteers out there flyering specific houses with our door hangers, and we need 1-2 more people to finish out the job by this Saturday, Oct. 24th. Time to ensure the people who planned on voting for us go out and do it!

Email us at or text our team at 909.295.2849 if you can help.

In case you missed it, we hosted a great Zoom panel on climate justice with Ben Reicher and Medha Gelli from Sunrise Claremont Colleges, and Nicole Lang from Sustainable Claremont. Thank you to all of you who were able to make it to a virtual event during a Dodgers playoff game. For those who couldn’t, watch the recording here to learn how you can get involved in local environmental work, from pushing for an anti-idling ordinance to composting to asking politicians to take a No Fossil Fuel Money pledge and more. Follow on social media @sunriseclaremontcolleges and @sustainableclaremont, and get involved with these vital organizations. Besides advocating for representatives who care about these issues, there’s no better way to do your part in the fight for climate justice.

Speaking of which, we had a wonderful Op Ed endorsement in The Student Life this week that I hope you’ll read. I’m not sure I could’ve laid out our policy platform any clearer than the author did -- I was so humbled to read it and be supported yet again by a group I respect and admire.

Thank you, stay safe and healthy and remember to vote!


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