Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Hello! I’m proud to be running on a progressive platform to represent the needs and interests of all Claremont residents in the 5th district. I will be the first to tell you that I am an unlikely candidate. I am under 35, I haven't lived in Claremont my whole life, I am a renter, and my family's income is far below the average in Claremont. However, the first time my wife Elise and I visited Claremont - when she was still pregnant with our daughter, Rosie - we knew this place was it. And while we love this town like we've lived here all our lives, I know that Claremont is not immune to the nationwide ills of racism, economic inequality, climate change and ballooning police budgets. Those issues - racial and economic justice, increased sustainability, and budget reallocation - comprise my platform and my vision for a more equitable and inclusive Claremont. If you live in District 5, please fill out this survey - it should take less than 5 minutes. Your responses and input will help me hone in on my policy ideas. Your participation is valued and important! We’re running a grassroots campaign without connections to the power-players in Claremont, so your donations, your volunteering of time, your social media shares, and just your solidarity, mean so much to me. Thank you for that support. Be well, Bennett

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