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It’s been an exciting few weeks at our campaign HQ. I was actually out of town for a few days and joined my dad and brother in law for a once in a lifetime backpacking trip in the Colorado wilderness. Our plans were thwarted by snow and fire, but we preserved, pivoted and had an incredible time together. Thanks to my team for keeping the ball rolling and delivering signs, updating social media, and standing in for me in meetings. If you’d like to be a part of our small but mighty team, please let me know, you can participate in ways big and small from anywhere in the country.

In campaign related news: We got our first 2 big endorsements from Our Revolution LA and California Progressive AllianceHuge thanks to both of those orgs and their leaders for their support and belief in our grassroots, progressive campaign.

This last week, I’ve been especially inspired by my many conversations with STUDENTS. We always hear folks say that young people are our future, but they are really our present. They have bold ideas and visions that will shape the world. To say I’ve learned a lot from them is an understatement. I owe a great debt of gratitude to them for inspiring me to be better, more progressive, more bold. Candidates don’t often spend a lot of time with students because they traditionally don’t turn out in large numbers to vote. Perhaps it's time that we as candidates take responsibility and talk about and campaign on issues important to them - that is what I endeavor to do. Big thanks to the students at Disarm Hate, Leftist Linkup and Sunrise Claremont Colleges for letting me join and speak at their meetings. Please check out the work they are doing here: @disarm_hate_ @sunriseclaremontcolleges @leftistlinkup I have a few important, easy ways you can get involved in my campaign. If you’ve offered to help, now is the time!

1. Text banking! We need to text 400 + people in the next 2 weeks, and will have another round of texting to do right before the election on November 3. We’re doing two trainings in the next week (it is really easy!). This can be done from anywhere and you can text from your phone or a Google voice number. Training is Sunday, Sept 27 from 11-11:30am. Let me know if you can join! Zoom information is: Meeting ID: 447 692 7302 PW: claremont If you can’t join but would still like to volunteer, please contact me and we can set up a separate training. 2. Flyering! For those who live in Claremont, we need help dropping flyers at people’s doorsteps. Email or text me at 909.295.2849 if you’d like to help out. 3. Yard signs! I didn’t believe it myself, but yard signs make a big difference, especially in local campaigns. If you’d like one to put in your yard -- even if you may not live in District 5 -- let me know and I will drop it off to you, along with a reusable mask as a token of thanks. 4. Donate! Any amount helps. If you have a spare $5, we’d be honored to have your support. We are behind on our goal, and have just over $1,000 left to raise before our next deadline. Donate here! 5. Share and attend my events! It goes without saying that the more people I can reach, the better. My ideas are bold, but they’re also pragmatic. If I can connect with folks and engage in conversation, I believe I can earn their vote. All upcoming events are here. Thanks again for your support and belief in this campaign! I appreciate you. Be well, Bennett

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