Abolitionists in the suburbs

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I’ve been thinking a lot about last night’s panel on Policing in Claremont & Beyond -- we heard from some bright, impassioned students and I couldn’t be more excited about our city’s future thanks to them. Thank you for attending, listening and asking thoughtful questions.

What stuck out to me was that so much of our conversation on policing was not about police -- it was about creating a Claremont that welcomes Black, Indigenous and people of color instead of fearing them. It was about providing more mental health care professionals. It was about the need to cut out racism at its roots by transforming our schools. Having a conversation about policing that doesn’t center on police means we’re looking to the future. In the meantime, yes, we should have an oversight committee with disciplinary power, we should reallocate funds -- 52% of our general fund is currently spent on policing -- to a care economy that actually cures crime, and we should transfer duties from police to experts better suited to handle rehabilitation, mental health crises, traffic stops and more.

That’s how we get to an abolitionist future, and it’s how we create a city that can be a beacon of equity. I believe in abolition because I believe deeply in Claremont’s ability to change if given the push.

If you’d like to join me, you can go to www.bennettforclaremont.com/get-involved or email us at bennettforclaremont@gmail.com. We’re building steam (we were just endorsed by Our Revolution LA -- the local chapter of Bernie Sanders’ and Nina Turner’s national organization!) and we could use your help. Some immediate needs are flyering, text banking and displaying a yard sign. 

Change won’t happen nationally until it happens locally. I’m in this race to make sure Claremont takes the lead.

Thank you again for attending, and hope to see you again soon. -Bennett PS: Give these folks a follow and your support! Many thanks to panel participants  @disarm_hate_ @cleos_cooking

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