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"I don't see people like me in public office -- a young parent in a single-income household, without generational wealth or a white-collar job, paying rent for the foreseeable future as homeownership becomes a distant dream. What I do see is a need for economic diversity. I see a place on our city council for a person who has experienced two financial disasters before the age of 35, yet still learned how to thrive within his means. I see a south Claremont neighborhood that needs a councilperson in their corner, who understands the anxiety of raising a child during a pandemic, and someone who knows all too well what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck.

I am not wealthy, but I have earned the financial literacy to help make a good life for myself and my family. Despite making thousands less than the average household in Claremont, I have still been privileged by my race and having a supportive community. Now it is time for me to bring that privilege, financial literacy and intelligence to the Claremont City Council. I will fight for racial and economic justice, affordable housing, creative revenue generation, sustainability, protection of our city's most vulnerable and a reallocated budget that reflects the true values of our town -- inclusion, education, empathy, dignity, humanity, justice and community."

--Bennett Rea, Candidate for Claremont City Council District 5